Sail Magazine Awards Jeanneau 64, Best Boats Winner!

“The result, our judges agreed, is a top-flight luxury cruiser delivered at an extremely competitive price point.” 


The Jeanneau 64 has so far, led a short but remarkable life. Since its introduction just 18 months ago in Europe, more than 35 boats have been sold to date, making the Jeanneau 64 an undeniable success worldwide.

Last month, the Jeanneau 64 made its U.S. debut at the Annapolis Sailboat Show where judges from Sail Magazine’s Best Boat Contest, had the opportunity to discover the yacht for the first time and give it a through inspection both at the dock and under sail. The results? Sail Magazine has awarded the Jeanneau 64 as their Flagship, Best Boats Winner for 2016.

Jeanneau Interior 3

“This mini-super-yacht features an extremely flexible accommodation plan, with options for twin cabins and master cabins aft or forward, separate crew quarters, a dedicated passage cabin or navigation office, and three different port-side salon configurations. And, despite the boat’s size, it remains easy to sail.”

At the risk of sounding a little cocky, we’ve known the Jeanneau 64 was a winner long before the first boat was even built. And while knowing you have a great boat on your hands is a wonderful thing, it’s always an honor when someone else thinks so too. So thank you Sail Magazine, thanks for recognizing the Jeanneau 64 a the true winner she is.

Learn more about the Jeanneau 64 at:

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