Sail Away in Style Aboard the Jeanneau 64

One thing I’ve never done but have always wanted to, is to sail away on a crewed charter. Since I know how to sail and am fully competent to charter on my own, it seems a little silly to pay extra for a crew but then again, turning the reins over to a qualified captain to run the boat and deal with all the responsibility that comes with it (like sitting up all night waiting for the anchor to drag), certainly has its upsides. Throw in a chef to deal with all the meals and whip up a Dark N’ Stormy or two come cocktail hour and you begin to cook with some serious gas. Yes, the idea of being wined and dined around the tropical waters of the Caribbean aboard a fully crewed charter boat sounds pretty nice, especially now with two feet of freshly fallen snow sitting in my driveway.

A really nice feature of the 64 is that the cockpit is not only huge, but is divided up into 2 separate zones. The rear of the cockpit is reserved for all things related to the sailing of the vessel and the forward part is dedicated to lounging, dining and enjoying. Pretty sweet right?

For anyone having similar thoughts to my own and looking to sail away for a week in real style, you may be interested to know that there is not one but two brand spanking new Jeanneau 64s sailing around the British Virgin Islands right now offering crewed charters.

AMANDINE, was launched in August in the South of France just a bit east of Barcelona, Spain. Her American owners, who are relatively new to sailing, fell in love with the Jeanneau 64 and decided to start out their cruising adventures in the Mediterranean. As the cold weather set in, they decided to have the boat sailed to the Caribbean for the winter where they are now offering crewed charters.

SERENITY, took a slightly different route and was initially shipped to the U.S. aboard a freighter so she could be shown at the Annapolis Sailboat Show this past October. She then went on to sail first to Bermuda and then down to the Caribbean. SERENITY is also available for charter, complete with captain and chef.

Just me working hard aboard hull #1 while in Corsica. Lots of sun, fresh breeze, big new boat, and cold beer. Not feeling a whole lot of pain here!

I was lucky enough to spend a good deal of time aboard the Jeanneau 64 sailing around the island of Corsica when the boat was first introduced in June 2014. I got lucky again when I got to sail her from Corsica to Marseille, a distance of a little more than 200 miles in a stiff breeze and fairly lumpy seas. I was totally awed by the boat and went on to write a number of short blogs attesting to this fact (Love at First Sight).

Since then, I have been craving to get back on board the 64, not for just a short daysail but for a full week of sailing in some place warm with my friends and family. In short, I want to be a little bit pampered and not have to worry about all the things that come with being Captain. And you know what? If the stars align and the old Fenn luck holds true, I may just get the chance to do just this come March for the 2016 BVI Jeanneau Owner’s Rendezvous. For now, it’s still a bit up in the air but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will come together and I’ll soon be sailing away in grand style aboard the Jeanneau 64.


For additional information on charting AMANDINE or SERENITY, please contact:

AMANDINE: Laurence Provost Quenet at

SERENITY: Carolyn Titus at 401-848-5540

3 thoughts on “Sail Away in Style Aboard the Jeanneau 64

  1. If anybody deserves to “kick up his heels,” Paul, it’s you…especially aboard one of the most beautiful and graceful yachts on the water. Jeanneau is still the best all-around cruising boat manufacturer and one of the best performing boats on the water today. I look forward to seeing you again one day soon out on the big blue…or shopping for our next Jeanneau. Take care.

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