Meet Her in Miami!

“I have always tried to give Jeanneau, designs for cruising boats but also designs that benefit from developments in racing that are useful for cruising.” Philippe Briand

28/08/2016, Hyères (FRA,83), Chantier Jeanneau, Jeanneau Yacht 51
The Jeanneau 51 with its twin wheels, well-balanced rig plan, and exceptionally well designed cockpit is a pleasure to sail and a joy to be aboard

Inspired by the tremendous success of the Jeaneau 64 introduced in 2014 and the Jeanneau 54 introduced one year ago, comes the all-new Jeanneau 51. Designed by naval architect, Philippe Briand in collaboration with designer, Andrew Winch, the new Jeanneau 51 once again sets a new standard in the growing luxury yacht market.

28/08/2016, Hyères (FRA,83), Chantier Jeanneau, Jeanneau Yacht 51
The Jeanneau 51 – Great Boats Make Great Memories

“If there is one unifying thread which runs through all of our design departments, it’s our commitment to designing not just spaces for clients, but lifestyles.” Andrew Winch

Like her big sisters, the 51 was designed for on deck living. Her cockpit, like those of the 64 and 54 is separated into two distinct zones with the aft zone reserved for all things related to sailing and the forward area reserved for lounging and dining. Two especially unique features that are direct carry-overs from the 54 include the forward, aft-facing cockpit seats and the integrated lounge chairs that are part of the electric drop-down swim platform.

28/08/2016, Hyères (FRA,83), Chantier Jeanneau, Jeanneau Yacht 51
Great drop-down swim platform with integrated lounge chairs provides for perfect access to the sea or to simply lounge in the sun

Something that you’re sure to experience aboard all Jeanneau models is great sailing performance and the 51 is no exception. Offered with a standard in-mast furling mainsail for easy use along with a small manageable genoa, the new 51 is a delight to sail with plenty of performance. And with all lines run aft, handling the 51 is truly a breeze.

Down below the 51 is designed for modern living. Big open spaces, lots of great natural light, and plenty of comfort are just a few of the features that make onboard living so enjoyable aboard this exciting new model.

The Jeanneau 51 shown here with optional light-oak interior is designed for onboard living with great open spaces and plenty of natural light and ventilation

The Jeanneau 51 will make its North American debut at the Strictly Sail Miami Show February 16-20. In the meantime, watch the video below and discover the beauty of the new Jeanneau 51.



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