No Trespassing to Race from Miami to Cuba

It’s a long way from Bayfield, Wisconsin to Florida’s Miami Beach (1, 850 miles to be exact). But this is exactly where Dick and Cindy Kalow’s Sun Fast 3600, No Trespassing is headed in preparation for the 2017 Miami to Havana Race.

Hosted by the Coral Reef Yacht Club in partnership with the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba, in association with the SORC , the second annual race from Miami to Havana will begin on March 15, 2017 just south of Miami’s Government Cut and finish in Havana some 227 miles away.

No Trespassing reaches along in a light breeze on Lake Superior

Races between the USA and Cuba are nothing new but what is new is that prior to last year, the last time a race such as this took place was 1957.

“I find this just so exciting” Dick Kalow told me.  “Cuba is just such a mystery, I want to get there before things change and the tourists descend on the place and ruin the charm.”

Undertaking a trip like this is neither cheap nor easy which is why there’s another reason Dick wanted to do the race.

“I had a very good friend, a mentor really, who died way too young and unexpectedly. Several years back he did something similar with his own boat. I was part of the crew, racing in the Caribbean for the winter. Taking my own boat and trucking it to Miami and racing it to Cuba is something Dave would have done in a heartbeat. I look at this as a toast to him. He was truly a grand friend.”

No Trespassing hangs in the slings shortly after being lifted from the cold waters of Lake Superior

And so, No Trespassing has now been plucked from the chilly waters of Lake Superior. Soon she will be on her way down Interstate 75 bound for Miami. And come March 15th, No Trespassing, with her owner at the helm, will make her way to the starting line.  And when the gun goes off, her sails will fill and we’ll be on our way. I say “we” because I’ve been invited to come along and this is one race I don’t want to miss.

And while the racing I’m sure will be fantastic, the idea of sitting at the bar sipping a mojito at the Hemingway Yacht Club in downtown Havana… well that’s going to be more than fantastic; that’s going to be epic!

Racing aboard the Sun Fast 3600, INVICTUS during the Ida Louis Distance Race – Summer 2015

Stay tuned for more news on this exciting event aboard the Jeanneau Sunfast 3600, No Trespassing!

On we go…

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