Fall into a New Jeanneau and Enjoy Life Underway

Over the past 20 years that I have worked for Jeanneau, I have been asked many, many times when the best time to purchase a new boat is. The answer, Fall. The reason for this is two-fold. First, manufacturers, including Jeanneau, generally offer their largest promotions in the first 3 months of the new model year (September – November). We do this to help fill production and maximize our efficiency . Secondly, placing your order in the fall, pretty much guarantees that by the time spring rolls around, your new boat will be ready to go.

Jeanneau produces several thousand boats per year between September and August. The sooner an order for a new boat is received, the easier it is to finish it before spring

For me, life is always better on a boat. “Wow that’s a shocker” you may be saying to yourself. “Of course it is, you work for a boat builder, what else would you say?” While this is true, my love affair with boats started long before I started working for Jeanneau. Growing up on the water in New England, we always owned boats. I started about the age of 8 with a small rowboat called a Skimmer.  By the time I was 14 I had graduated to a 13ft Boston Whaler with a Johnson 40 on the back which I spent hours upon hours running around my local waters of Noank, CT in.

My son Graham and I kicked back aboard the Jeanneau 469 that we chartered from Dream Yacht Charters in the Seychelles – June 2016
Underway on the Severn River aboard our Jeanneau Runabout – Hull #1

Today, I pretty much spend all my boating time on a Jeanneau, whether it be my own Jeanneau Runabout or onboard one of our many customers’ boats or on one of the many boats I have chartered throughout the world. The bottom line is that life is better on a boat, especially a Jeanneau. And the best time to purchase a new one is right now. So treat yourself this Thanksgiving and fall into a new Jeanneau. You’ll be happy that you did!

One thought on “Fall into a New Jeanneau and Enjoy Life Underway

  1. I am enjoying my 2nd new Jeanneau Sail, 2015 44ds. Nice to finally again be acknowledged by
    Jeanneau/Jeanneau America as a Jeanneau boat owner/customer.
    Happy Holidays!


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