Jeanneau Celebrates 60th Year with Commemorative Book

Over the past 60 years, Jeanneau has built a fair number of boats, like 250,000! And with this impressive number comes thousands of different models, sizes, and designs from the world’s best naval architects like, Philippe Briand, Jacques Fauroux, Daniel Andrieu, and Michael Peters to name just a few.

“Azura, our Leader 36, is a pocket full of fun! We moved her to New Jersey for the summer. I have been very pleased with both my Jeanneau sailboat and now powerboat.” Michelle Whitehead, South Coast UK

Sun Magic 442
Few boats have stood the test of time like the Sun Magic 44.  Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Magic 44 was hugely popular with performance sailors with over 700 boats built from 1987-1993.

“After prepping for 4 years, we just moved aboard our SO 45, Mobert, with our two kids and have set sail for South East Alaska, then California, Mexico, French Polynesia and beyond. We can’t wait for the adventures!” Richard Anderson, Kirkland, WA

The amazing 54DS set a new benchmark in yacht design and marked a dramatic turning point in Jeanneau’s design philosophy that is still present today.

“Sailing through the San Juan Islands aboard Southern Cross, our Jeanneau 54 with orca whales and porpoise all around us. And when we saw a bald eagle resting on a rock – I thought we found our heaven on earth.” Julie Ann Roland, Blaine, WA

The extremely popular Leader 805 was built from 1999-2009.  Over 1,346 were built making it an incredible success story!

And of course with the building of so many boats, comes the same number of Jeanneau owners; actually more when you consider that the same boat often has more than one owner throughout its life. This vast community of Jeanneau owners throughout the world, is truly one of Jeanneau’s greatest strengths and keeps people coming back to us over and over and over again. What a gift!

“We currently have an order for a new 51 (our 5th Jeanneau!!!) to be picked up in Les, Sables d’Olonne around Christmas time. We still have our 2012 SO 409 (we bought the very first 409 in the Pacific NW – hull #5 out of Marion) that we sail up in the San Juan Islands and Inside Passage. Is it possible that I have had 10+ years of incredible sailing adventure on our Jeanneau boats? You bet!” Bill and Heather Whidden, White Salmon, WA

Julie Greenfield - Doc Holiday
“We frequently entertain 10+ people in our cockpit comfortably. We love sharing our boat, Doc Holiday, with others; she always amazes non-Jeanneau owners.” Bob and Julie Neaderthal, Annapolis, MD

And so in celebration of 60 great years of building quality boats of all sizes, both power and sail, and as a salute to the hard-working men and woman who built those boats, and of course to the thousands and thousands of owners who bought these boats and lovingly sail and power them across the waters of our amazing planet, we are putting together a wonderful collection of stories, pictures and testimonials of our 60 year history.

“Each year we sail our 2013 41DS, Robin V, from New York City down to Lewes, Delaware. We always stop in Atlantic City, New Jersey overnight. This is great practice for our future offshore trips!” Justin Sonfield, Jersey City, NJ

“We sailed INVICTUS for the first time this week-end (3 days in a row ;-). The verdict could not be clearer. We are ecstatic and could not be happier. The owners and crew cannot stop smiling!” Nico Popp, San Francisco, CA

We expect the book to be finished and available by the end of August. For at least a little while longer, we are still collecting pictures and stories from owners so, if you would like to be a contributor, please send a picture along with a short paragraph telling your story to Olivia Schleicher at

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.15.21 PM
“Purchasing our Jeanneau Prestige 46, Our Three Buoys, is still one of the best decisions Kim and I ever made” Gary and Kim Baright, Wappingers Falls, NY

We’re pretty excited about reaching 60 but if truth be known, we’re more excited about the next 60 years. We hope you are too. And, if you’re not already a Jeanneau owner and a member of our family, we certainly hope you will be soon. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of.

Enjoy the ride!

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