Take the Wheel Anyone?


For the past several years, certainly one of the most popular programs offered during the Annapolis Sailboat Show, especially for those looking to purchase a new boat, is the Take the Wheel Workshop. What is Take the Wheel? In a nutshell, it’s an opportunity for people attending the Annapolis show to go for a sail on several different sized boats and compare one against the other. “It’s been a terrific program,” says Paul Jacobs, General Manager of the show. “The program sells out every year, attracting people from throughout the U.S. and Canada,” says Paul.

Since the very beginning, Jeanneau has always supported the Take the Wheel program but this year, we have gone one step further and will be sponsoring the entire event by supplying four of our most popular boats.

SO 479
The 479 is just one of four of our most popular models participating in the Take the Wheel Workshop. A boat that combines great live-ability with great sailing performance. it’s hard to miss with the Sun Odyssey 479!

The Sun Odyssey 389, 419, 479, and 519 will all be available and on the dock for your sailing pleasure during this year’s Annapolis show from October 5-9, 2017. Space is limited to just 50 people per day so if you’re interested in taking a sail and getting behind the wheel of one of these great boats, register now or click here for more information.

Take the Wheel today because Life is too Short to Sit at the Dock!



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