Onboard with Jeanneau Underway

For Jeanneau owner Stacey McInnis, she fully admits that she has “a boat problem, make that a Jeanneau problem.” And it must be true because together with her husband Hans, they have owned 3 Jeanneaus in 3 years. So when I received an email from Stacey in February asking me if she and Hans could be featured in an episode of Jeanneau Underway, of course I said “Absolutely!” After all, here are people who love to boat, love to explore, live in an undeniably beautiful place (Pacific Northwest), and are excited to share their story on camera.

Hans Holm and Stacey McInnis with best crew member Cali aboard Cascade, their 2018 NC 895

Since starting Jeanneau Underway just 6 months ago, we have produced 4 episodes plus a pilot of sorts. And what I have found is that while each story is unique, all share a common theme; a love of being on the water, a love of being away from life’s everyday grind, a thirst to explore, and a love of meeting new people along the way.

Oskar and Lisa are a young Swedish couple who in 2017 shoved off for a sail around the world aboard their Sun Odyssey 45, Hilma. They are currently in Micronesia in the South Pacific.

At the end of this month, I am off to the island of Yap in the South Pacific to meet up with Oskar and Lisa who have been working their way around the world aboard their Jeanneau 45, Hilma since departing Sweden in 2017. Never heard of Yap? Don’t feel bad, neither had I, but now that my tickets are booked, I can’t wait to get there and explore this little gem of an island and meet this dynamic and adventurous couple firsthand. It will be a great expedition I’m sure. 

Dean and Shelly Conti aboard their Sun Odyssey 519, Equus somewhere in Alaska

This past summer, I had the pleasure to interview Dean and Shelly Conti aboard their beautiful, tricked-out Sun Odyssey 519, Equus. Dean and Shelly have a foot in both the racing camp and the cruising camp and love doing both. We are busy working on their episode now so stay tuned as they have a great story to tell. 

People often tell me, especially my colleagues, that I have the greatest job in the world. And I have to admit, it’s hard to disagree with them. But after all, there’s a lot of water out there and where there’s water, you can always find a Jeanneau. And on that Jeanneau, there’s always an owner that has a great story to tell. My job is to find them, point a camera in their direction and get them to tell it. Yes it’s a rotten job! But as the saying goes, “someone has to do it and that someone may as well be me.”

If you haven’ done so already, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you’ll be notified when a new episode gets posted. And for anyone interested in being featured in Jeanneau Underway, we would love to have you. Just send me an email at pfenn@jeanneau.com and let me know that you’re interested in being part of the show. I look forward to hearing from you.

On we go…

Paul Fenn enjoying Painkiller # who knows, somewhere in the warm Caribbean sun. Always good to the last drop!!

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